3D Design Furniture Made in Italy

3D configurable furniture to customize each environment according to your own style

The online 3D configurator for furniture is an innovative technology that allows you to customize the product you have chosen both in size and finish. The furnishings can also be enlarged and rotated 360° to carefully evaluate every single detail before making the order.
You can create different combinations to make the chosen complement more in line with your style needs and better match it with the furniture already present in your home.

Thanks to the 3D configurator, you have a precise idea of ​​what the finished product will look like and can be applied to different furniture for the home. The preview that is observed is the one that will then be purchased. In this way, evaluating the visual impact that the piece of furniture will have once placed in your living area, bathroom or any other room makes it easier to understand if that really is the most appropriate choice. If not, the configurable 3D furniture can be changed to achieve the desired result.

Custom furniture with a 3D view

The online 3D configurator is the last frontier of interior design and is increasingly used by interior decorators and designers around the world.
With each customization carried out with 3D configurable furniture, both the final aesthetic impact and the overall cost are constantly monitored. In this way, innovative combinations can be created that respect the available budget and meet the criteria of aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Filo table
  2. Locos armchair
  3. Creig armchair
  4. Austin armchair
  5. Krea armchair
  6. Herm armchair
  7. Jest armchair
  8. Shiro armchair
  9. Thaiti armchair
  10. Denis armchair
  11. Azul armchair
  12. Wang bath
  13. Nueve bath
  14. Freddy bath
  15. Alex bath
  16. Baxo bath
  17. Aliseo bath
  18. Alban bath
  19. Mimo bath
  20. Talassa bath
  21. Ipno bath
  22. Nemesi bath
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