Kids' Chest of Drawers for the Bedroom

Nightstands and chest  of drawers for the bedroom: a mix of design and practicality

In a functional and always tidy kid's bedroom you can never miss containers, a wardrobe or drawers, useful for storing clothing, toys, school items and everything your children need.

In a bedroom it is important to organize the spaces, but without sacrificing style, so it is always preferable to choose dressers with simple and minimal lines, which do not take up much space, but are characterized by original and unique finishes.

The containers for the children's bedroom must be in bright and cheerful shades, like the models in this section, made in shades of yellow, green, orange and light blue. For greater comfort and versatility, the bedside tables with wheels are perfect for the bedroom, easily transportable to make room for the little ones to play.

Durable and made in Italy weeks

The cabinets and dressers for the bedroom have been made entirely in Italy by expert and competent craftsmen who have gained considerable experience in the furniture sector.

The booths are an essential piece of furniture if you have many objects to keep and you want to install an elegant and at the same time practical piece of furniture. The tall units on sale are made with the highest quality materials and available with three or more drawers.

For the children's bedroom, instead of the usual chest of drawers, you can instead buy a comfortable and stylish sideboard, with wooden feet and several drawers and shelves, convenient for storing books and personal items.

All the containers present in TopArredi stand out for their unique finishes and details: resistant wooden feet, wide and versatile shelves and sliding drawers with knobs with geometric shapes and in quality materials.
The containers for the bedroom can be customized, choosing dimensions, finishes, color of the structure and feet.