Food trolleys

Portable food trolleys and food cabinets are indispensable accessories to have functionality and style in a modern kitchen, they are also a great way to have more space available without sacrificing an exclusive design.

ArredoDesignOnline kitchen trolleys are available in a wide range of materials: from wood to plastic and metal, which allows them to adapt comfortably to any pre-existing furnishings. Trolleys are equipped with wheels to allow easy transport.

Whether it is a liqueur trolley or a fruit trolley, they will make cooking more practical and functional in normal everyday routines by providing more space and for a more professional furnishing.

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  1. Personal cart
  2. Capocuoco cart
  3. Tangram cart
  4. Chef trolley
  5. Cuisine cart
  6. Select cart
  7. Service cart
  8. Combi cart
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