Laundry & Utility Room Furniture

Practical, comfortable and functional furniture for the laundry. Washbasins, lockers and storage cabinets are the most useful solution for always having a perfect loundry room, with everything in the right place.

Wardrobes with one or more doors, storage cabinets for the washing machine and multi-purpose drawers are versatile furnishing ideas and aesthetics that are suitable for use in the laundry room. Made of quality materials, they are resistant to moisture and weather, and are the perfect solution to have everything at your fingertips.

The laundry or bathroom furniture on our catalog is designed to meet any need for space and is perfect for both inside and outside the house. Waterproof and easy to clean, the cabinets allow you to store utensils, detergents and any other useful household cleaning items and keep them in perfect order.

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  1. Sanou Grill
  2. Mahon bench
  3. Icaro wardrobe
  4. Mobile Icaro
  5. Ettore sink
  6. Abram wardrobe
  7. Achille wardrobe
  8. Mobile Achille
  9. Ettore wardrobe
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