Laundry Furniture: Cabinets and Cupboards

Laundry & Utility Room Furniture

If you are thinking of creating a laundry space, you need practical, comfortable, but above all functional elements capable of taking advantage of the space available and always having everything at hand. A sink, a cabinet and a storage unit are the most useful elements to always have a perfect laundry room, with everything in the right place.

Having a laundry room at home is undoubtedly a great fortune. However, it is advisable to choose the right furniture, which will allow you to obtain maximum functionality and practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. Toparredi offers numerous articles that will allow you to create different solutions suitable for every need of space and style.

All the laundry furnishings in our online shop are made with high quality materials and characterized by a modern style. In the laundry space, where water is constantly used, humidity is always present. The furnishings that are chosen for this environment must be composed of materials that are not only robust and durable, but also resistant to humidity.

In the Toparredi online shop you will find a wide selection of multipurpose cabinets and storage units to be placed in the space you have chosen to use as a laundry in order to create a practical environment and have everything at hand. The selection of products in our catalog is suitable for every space requirement. In fact, you will find laundry furniture suitable to be placed both inside and outside the house.

When bathrooms meet laundries ... and live happily ever after

When space is precious, every inch of it must be exploited. Combining a laundry room and a bathroom might be a good solution, but how do you fit the shower, toilet, sink, washing machine, dryer and containers into a small space?
Plan your space Toparredi will provide you with valid solutions to furnish a laundry bathroom with multifunctional elements to have things in order, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Wardrobes with one or more doors, storage units to insert the washing machine into and multipurpose drawers are versatile furnishing ideas with a refined aesthetic, suitable for being placed in the laundry room, on the balconies and in any other room of the house. Made with quality materials, they are resistant to humidity and bad weather and are the optimal solution to have everything at hand.

  1. Cinzia laundry
  2. Lorenza wash basin
  3. Teolo laundry
  4. Roby laundry
  5. Jessica laundry
  6. Gigi laundry
  7. Nicola laundry
  8. Ariete laundry
  9. Pamela laundry
  10. Flavia laundry
  11. Denise laundry
  12. Sahara laundry
  13. Cleope laundry
  14. Lucio laundry
  15. Hidro laundry
  16. Larry wash basin
  17. Ponny mirror
  18. Mahon bench
  19. Icaro wardrobe
  20. Icaro cabinet
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