Foldaway and Convertible Beds

Convertible beds, for small but trendy environments

Optimizing the space of your home is one of the main prerogatives that we set to ourselves, especially if we are talking about the houses in an urban contexts of metropolitan cities, where spaces are increasingly narrow.
In the face of this need, convertible beds come in handy, an excellent space-saving and trendy solution that gives the house a very refined look in loft 

In fact, having little space does not mean having to deprive yourself of a style of furniture with a refined and modern design, which at the same time is versatile and adapts to the limited space available. The foldaway bed is the perfect piece of furniture for all those who do not have much space available, it gives the possibility of having more functions with a single piece of furniture and of being able to give more faces to a single environment, making it dynamic.

From bedroom to living room in a second

The space-saving convertible beds have the great advantage of their enormous versatility.
During the night they are beautiful and elegant design beds, with a very refined aesthetic and which offer a very comfortable sleep.
During the day, however, they are transformed into excellent desks for work and study, beautiful elements of great fashion that give a touch of style to the environment with the presence of shelves or even elegant sofas of great 

Space-saving beds are the perfect solution, even for those who have more space but want to live in a dynamic, versatile and trendy loft-style environment.
The transformable furniture that we offer in our store is made by experts in the sector with high quality materials and attention to detail, in order to offer products that can adapt to all tastes and needs.
The foldaway beds in our shop are equipped with patented mechanisms and the closing and opening are accompanied by gas pistons that assist and help the action. All this in order not to give up extreme ease of use and comfort.