Design Kitchen and Dining Tables

Which table to choose for your home and your style?

A table, in addition to being a functional object, can be an element that gives style and personality to your home.
TopArredi offers a wide catalog of products of excellent quality made in Italy, always taking into account style and refinement. The choice of the table is essential in a living room when hosting many people, in a study to carry out one's work or in the living room for daily lunches. There are those who prefer a modern style made up of straight lines and bright colors and those who prefer the classic style.
The choice of the table can give the room its own personality and can be combined with the rest of the room furniture or deliberately deviate to attract more attention.

What are the characteristics a table must have?

Inside the living room, every family needs the appropriate table depending on the number of people to host and the style of the house. TopArredi provides Made in Italy tables for any need, in fact it has extendable, liftable and folding tables with a classic or modern design.
Depending on the space available and your taste, you can choose between round, rectangular, oval, square or shaped tables of the size you want. Furthermore, the real fundamental feature that interests customers most is the material of the top and the structure. You can choose between materials from classic wood to stone or glass / crystal so that it fits into the environment in the best possible way.
The same refinement of materials and shapes also applies to the living room and study tables. In short, TopArredi has modern tables for all tastes and needs characterized by high quality materials made in Italy and refined design.

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  1. Briza table
  2. Teorico table
  3. V6 table
  4. Star table
  5. Circus table
  6. Marte table
  7. Prink table
  8. Patrick table
  9. Clark table
  10. Matrix table
  11. Versus table
  12. Podium table
  13. Magnum table
  14. Pascal table
  15. Tom table
  16. Senso table
  17. Glamour round table
  18. Fusion round table
  19. Echo table
  20. Echo In table
  21. Chef table
  22. Nippo table
  23. Lien table
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