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Modern Tables

Apparently background elements, modern tables give a personal touch to the environment. These precious furnishings are available online in different solutions, to furnish with taste the living room or the study.

These original tables are perfect for complete environments even with different characteristics. Very versatile modern tables available foldable, extendable, classical or modern. Our password is evolution and practicality, without however giving up on design and personal style.

In our e-commerce you can find tables of all kinds, from simple fixed tables to extendable tables. The tables can be customized with glass top, wooden top or in the cheaper versions with laminate top.

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  1. Marte table
  2. Prink table
  3. Patrick table
  4. Clark table
  5. Matrix table
  6. Versus table
  7. Podium table
  8. Magnum table
  9. Pascal table
  10. Tom table
  11. Senso table
  12. Glamour round table
  13. Fusion round table
  14. Echo table
  15. Echo In table
  16. Chef table
  17. Nippo table
  18. Lien table
  19. Papu table
  20. Vanni table
  21. Golia table
  22. Nebulosa table
  23. Cargo table
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