Modern Lamps Made in Italy

Modern lamps: what matters is style and functionality

Modern lamps are essential furnishing accessories to best respond to the needs of today's life. In fact, it is the prerogative of current furnishing elements to be efficient, beautiful, versatile, ideal for personalizing the most diverse and naturally highly performing rooms.

These modern lamps are made primarily with high quality, safe and resistant materials, have a minimal design and are easy to combine not only with contemporary contexts but also with very heterogeneous furnishing styles. They also manage to combine great practicality, ease of use, installation and maintenance with a unique style that everyone really likes.

Among our proposals it is easy to find the ideal lighting fixture and in general the trendiest ones show the light in all its allure, enveloping it only in simple shapes capable of enhancing its magic.

Modern lamps for every furnishing style: the advice of the interior designer

Modern lamps are among the most loved furnishing accessories especially by interior designers; in fact, with these tools they are able to recreate unique settings and sets, functional first of all but also very beautiful.

For example, to give an entrance a welcoming impact, it will be necessary to use a ceiling light or a suspension lamp that emits diffused light. On the contrary, to emphasize the intimacy and relaxing mood of a corner of the house, such as the one dedicated to reading, it will be ideal to take advantage of modern abat-jours, table or floor lamps that will immediately create the right atmosphere giving practicality. In general, for modern homes or offices, minimal models will be ideal and made with materials such as steel, glass and polyethylene that will help to emphasize the style.

In the same way, these lamps will look great in ethnic environments, especially if we refer to ceiling lamps with monochromatic oversized shapes, or in vintage 50s and 60s contexts.

  1. Francis lamp
  2. Fabian lamp
  3. Frida lamp
  4. Pop lamp
  5. Stone lamp
  6. Cloe lamp
  7. Pandora lamp
  8. Olimpia lamp
  9. Gloria lamp
  10. Swing lamp
  11. Soul lamp
  12. Funky lamp
  13. Circle lamp
  14. Blow table lamp
  15. Lamp Hyperion
  16. Ice-Cup lamp
  17. FourLamp lamp