Design Wardrobes and Walk in Closets

Wardrobes and walk-in closets: functionality and style

Often clothes are bought, even without having the adequate space for their accommodation. At the same time, you may wish to give an innovative cut to your bedroom, especially in terms of style and design.
Wardrobes and walk-in closets play a fundamental role in any room. In fact, they have a dual function. In addition to performing the refined task of hosting clothing, they also represent the main attention-grabbing factor.
They correspond to an element that certainly cannot go unnoticed: they cover a large area and give class to the environment. In particular, the cabinets are divided into different categories and each model responds to different types of problems, which can be easily solved, satisfying expectations.

How to choose the right models for your needs

The wardrobes are subjected to a classification, concerning the systems for opening the doors and which make life easier for those who buy them. The hinged ones are characterized by the presence of hinges, so they can be used by several people at the same time.
The coplanar wardrobes, on the other hand, are traditional and close in an aligned way, while the built-in wardrobes are simply hooked to the wall or ceiling. Finally, the bridge model has a structure that includes the bed.

The types that have been considered are often not suitable for confined spaces, as they require an additional area in order to allow the door to be opened. The sliding doors feature an overlapping mechanism, resulting in an aesthetically refined and elegant appearance.

The walk-in wardrobes, on the other hand, are modular models that do not require the presence of doors and are made with shelves. These last two possibilities allow to significantly decrease the occupied space, exploiting the unused one and safeguarding the available. In this way, they will make it possible to simplify the arrangement of the additional complementary furnishings.

  1. Leviosa wardrobe
  2. Dardo wardrobe
  3. Ikarus wardrobe
  4. Split wardrobe
  5. Giara wardrobe
  6. Lucas wardrobe
  7. Venom wardrobe
  8. Spot wardrobe
  9. Plan wardrobe
  10. Freccia wardrobe
  11. Mixado wardrobe
  12. Golf wardrobe
  13. Slide wardrobe
  14. Fresia wardrobe
  15. Clean wardrobe