Office Sofas

Armchairs and sofas for the waiting room are furniture elements born to associate ergonomics with design, furniture that are specifically designed for professional environments in order to guarantee maximum comfort. When arranging the furniture for your office you can not really leave these sofas or armchairs out.

Armchairs and sofas have a very important influence on the style of the room, so the choice of the model must be accurate. The possibilities are many, ranging from squared to softer shapes, from the very modern and original models to the more sober and classic ones.

The great quality of these furnishing items is tied not only to their aesthetics, but also to the materials used for their realization, all highly selected. These sofas and armchairs are really able to give the office style, personality and comfort, making the design absolutely unique.

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  1. Ciad sofa
  2. Ciad armchair
  3. Milet sofa
  4. Milet armchair
  5. Papete sofa
  6. Balocco sofa
  7. Balocco armchair
  8. Oliver bench
  9. Bender bench
  10. Babel chair
  11. Dason armchair
  12. Burial armchair
  13. Oilà armchair
  14. Buble sofa
  15. Buble armchair
  16. Arden sofa
  17. Arden armchair
  18. Storm bench
  19. Storm sofa
  20. Storm armchair
  21. Divani Airbus set
  22. Airbus sofa
  23. Airbus armchair
  24. Mirable armchair
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