Shower Cubicles and Shower Pods

Why choose a shower cubicle

When we have to furnish a new house, or simply decide to renovate the bathroom, we happen to wonder if the bathtub is more useful and comfortable or if it is more functional to insert a shower box.

Sometimes, the choice is quite obligatory for reasons related to the size of the bathroom itself: clearly, a shower takes up less space than a bathtub.
However, preferring a shower pod most of the time is not a fallback or a forced choice, but is the result of a conscious evaluation. There are many who, regardless, opt for a shower as it is less bulky but also, indeed above all, much more practical and suitable for the fast and frenetic rhythms to which we are unfortunately a bit accustomed. Let's not forget another aspect: with a shower, water consumption is certainly lower and this can only be good for your wallet and also for the environment.

Shower cubicles can be made to measure and fit into large and small bathrooms. Variously customizable in aesthetics, they can be completed with special accessories and above all equipped with systems that allow you to take advantage of the power and benefits of water, for truly relaxing and regenerating showers.

Shower boxes for every need

If, for some, the bathtub remains a symbol of relaxation, most people have now understood that, after all, the time that would be able to devote to long relaxing baths would be very little. Therefore, much better to opt, rather, for a beautiful super-equipped shower box, equally able to offer various innovative solutions focused on well-being: lights for chromotherapy, music, hydromassage, seats to be more comfortable and so on.

Modern shower are able to satisfy any need, both in terms of shape and size, and in terms of design. There are boxes with rounded, square, rectangular shapes, with sliding doors, hinged doors, with satin or transparent glass: in short, there are really something for all tastes and needs.