Extendable Console Dining Tables

Console tables: the solution suitable for any environment

A console table is ideal for decorating an entrance or a small room; the versatility of this type of table makes it perfect to transform and accommodate up to 8 people per table.
Discover the taste of choosing from many models of console tables, made of wood, glass or combinations of components, in a classic or modern style.
Choose the extendable console table that best suits your needs, to be placed in the entrance hall or in the room of the house you prefer: in all cases, the console table is a useful and functional piece of furniture, which helps to define the style of a space with character and, at the same time, discretion.

Extendable console table: which one to choose?

Scrolling through our online catalog, you will be surprised by the quantity of console tables available: wooden, glass with a metal base...
Discover the console table that best matches the home environment, among the proposals in wood and steel, real pieces of contemporary design, a table to host friends without ever staying at running out of space.
Our online store offers you over 50 different models of modern console tables, available in many combinations of sizes, to find what you are looking for in a few simple steps.
Savor the pleasure of choosing the table of your dreams, order it easily and receive it directly at home, effortlessly and with the utmost satisfaction!

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  1. Console Ade
  2. Quiller console
  3. Penrose console
  4. Opalina console
  5. Console Liber
  6. Gulliver console
  7. Caesy console
  8. Grif console
  9. Artistico console
  10. Bureau console
  11. Ark console
  12. Tayolr writing desk
  13. Zac writing desk
  14. Lama console
  15. Maya console
  16. Marvel console
  17. City console
  18. Ionit console
  19. Mirta console
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