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Console tables

The extendable console table is one of the furniture element that best suits the needs of a modern living space. The versatility in use and the possibility of customization makes the console table an ally for every need. Their small size when closed and the ease of becoming a table for 6/8 people makes it indispensable in every home.

The extensible console table is a great solution for the hallway: just in the house you are looking for a place to put the keys or the cell phone, the console table with a storage compartment becomes a useful and practical accessory.

One of the benefits of having a console table in your home is to never be unprepared: the small shelves can turn easily into kitchen tables where to dine with friends, even for 8 people. You just have to choose the material and the color you like and you can also have your console table in the most eye-catching design.

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Grid List

21 Items

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