Garden and Patio Stools

Garden stools to increase the livability of outdoor spaces: practical but elegant

Garden stools replace more classic seats to give outdoor spaces a different, more modern and functional look. Used especially where the spaces are not big, they help to furnish the outdoor dining area with their contemporary style.

The stools designed for outdoor spaces have very different designs. Made with classic materials or the result of new technologies, they allow you to decorate in a functional way even areas in the garden that are little used.

The range of modern stools is made with aluminum, steel, wood, polypropylene and synthetic rattan of high quality and processing techniques that guarantee their durability and beauty even after many years of use. Each model is designed to enhance private exteriors and public places with sobriety and character.

The wide selection of design stools offered on our site meet the different needs of customers at a price list that is second to none. A complete online catalog where you can choose the model that best suits your context, where you can check the possibility of customization and then receive it comfortably at home.

The shapes of garden stools to furnish outdoor spaces

The garden stools, like other types of outdoor furniture, are made with materials that can withstand the elements without too many problems. The style of these accessories must be in line with the furnishings already present, combining colors and shapes. The more daring can opt for stools in stark contrast to create a mix & match effect with a strong visual impact.

If you want to give a decisive character to the entire dining area of ​​the garden, you can opt for colorful models while for something more classic, the choice will be oriented towards design garden stools that remain on more subdued shades.

The space available and the context in which the stools will be placed determine the choice of the stool model to choose. If the area is very large, they can be combined with chairs and benches in the same style, while if the area is small, it is better to orient your choice only on more important stools.

  1. Duca stool
  2. Net stool
  3. Trill stool
  4. Dehli stool
  5. Agra stool
  6. Cambogia stool
  7. Flora stool
  8. Mitra stool
  9. Giunone stool
  10. Minerva stool
  11. Afrodite stool
  12. Apollo stool
  13. Zeus stool