Modular and Ready to Fit Kitchens

The kitchen that's right for you

Choosing the right kitchen for your home is always a difficult task because it concerns both an aesthetic and a functional choice. In addition, the kitchen is one of the parts of the house that is most experienced and exposed to steam, water and more, so it must be reliable and long-lasting.

To furnish with style and make sure that each kitchen adapts perfectly to the space you have and to the configuration of the wall units you prefer, TopArredi provides a wide range of modular kitchens suitable for any type of home. The kitchens proposed by TopArredi offer the right compromise between style and elegance, they are kitchens of excellent quality, made entirely in Italy and ensure reliability and safety in compliance with international standards.

TopArredi offers the possibility to choose between two categories: Kitchens with a fixed price or Modular Kitchens.

Fixed-price or Modular Kitchens? Which one is right for you?

Those who don't have time to compose their own kitchen may prefer a fixed one, while those who want to customize it according to their needs can choose a Modular one.

Fixed kitchens are modern and completely made in Italy, suitable for any type of environment. The wall units, the drawers, the compartment for the refrigerator, the oven and the hob have already been positioned with the aim of promoting comfort and functionality. They are also called fixed kitchens because they have a fixed price, equipped with a basic configuration suitable for every need. The fixed kitchens allow you to furnish your home with style, they are ideal for placing on a single wall, favoring functionality as well as style and elegance.

The modular kitchens are kitchens of excellent quality that give you the possibility of being able to range with creativity to make them as functional as possible and suitable for your lifestyle. The kitchens can be composed comfortably from home by choosing accessories and materials.