Designer Kitchen and Bar Stools

Not only chairs and tables, but also stools!

The living area of ​​a home, the one that includes the kitchen and living room, represents the center of domestic life, that portion of the house where you spend most of your time. Among the main elements of these environments you can undoubtedly find tables, chairs and stools: and it is precisely the latter, which are increasingly modern, that we want to deal with in order to get to know their characteristics a little better.

The contemporary décor takes many ideas from the world of so-called lounge bars, pubs and all those places that favor conviviality and being together, perhaps enjoying a snack or a drink. This is why, more and more often, domestic kitchens are equipped with islands, peninsulas and various shelves, perhaps overlooking the living room.
In these cases, since the heights are greater than those of traditional tables, the stools represent an indispensable and highly effective piece of furniture.

Fixed or adjustable stools

The height of the stools must be evaluated on the basis of that of the shelf next to which they are placed. There are many fixed stools, but also many whose height is adjustable, so that anyone can find the most comfortable position.

Perfect to complete the islands and peninsulas in the kitchen or in the living room, the stools can be made in different styles, materials and colors, in such a way as to be able to truly satisfy everyone's needs. Certainly, also due to their slightly more unusual shape, they are particularly suitable for enriching and enhancing young environments marked by aesthetics and design.
Stools are really able to represent a very tasty and particular alternative to traditional chairs, a decidedly current solution: the important thing is to know how to choose them in order to create harmony with the surrounding environment.

  1. Queen stool
  2. Polo stool
  3. Mood stool
  4. Chantal stool
  5. Carol stool
  6. Arisa stool
  7. Nina Stool
  8. Maya stool
  9. Paris stool
  10. Sitting Sat
  11. Pedalò stool
  12. Jackie stool
  13. Waiya stool
  14. Diana stool
  15. Shark stool
  16. Nata stool
  17. Linda stool
  18. Kuga stool
  19. Galaxy stool
  20. Eva stool
  21. Clara stool
  22. Eva Stool 6
  23. stool
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