Modern and sophisticated, our adjustable stools are a piece of furniture that can give a touch of freshness and originality to the living area or the kitchen. Made of wood, plastic or aluminum, they are practical and comfortable and they also make a more welcoming home.

TopArredi offers online stools which are high quality furniture elements and are able to characterize the environment by making it modern. When choosing a stool, you have to take into account the style you want to give to your kitchen or lounge area and opt for solutions that enhance your space.

Functional, comfortable and made of quality materials, our adjustable stools can match every need for furnishing and they are all Made in Italy. Choosing amongst a wide assortment of stools you can customize the kitchen and living room with uniqueness and elegance.

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  1. Sitting Sat
  2. Pedalò stool
  3. Jackie stool
  4. Waiya stool
  5. Diana stool
  6. Shark stool
  7. Net stool
  8. Nata stool
  9. Linda stool
  10. Kuga stool
  11. Galaxy stool
  12. Eva stool
  13. Clara stool
  14. Eva Stool 6
  15. stool
  16. stool
  17. Joker stool
  18. stool
  19. stool
  20. stool
  21. stool
  22. stool
    Out of Stock stool
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