The desk is a necessary object within an office and a graphic studio, but it also becomes a versatile piece of furniture for a fine and sophisticated environment. Attractive design and high-quality materials characterize top-of-the-range desks with a modern look.

Our desks are distinguished by a minimal chic style that perfectly meets the motto less is more, in which excess is eliminated in favor of clean and essential lines. The look is lightened to get more functional and distinctly designs.

A desk like these becomes a sophisticated and elegant table for an office but also for a living room. The materials used are glass and wood, with attention to towards industrial ones, which are advantageous and easy to maintain. Yes, therefore to plastic and cement-based materials, resins and polymers that are resistant and durable over time, easy to clean and pleasant in appearance.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Teodor desk
  2. Astro desk
  3. Sandri desk
  4. Grim desk
  5. Esprit desk
  6. Liam desk
Set Descending Direction