Wall hung Bathroom Cabinets

Choose suspended sanitary ware

Furnishing your home requires important choices and the bathroom is certainly no exception. One of the many assessments to be made is to choose between wall hung bathroom cabinetsor suspended bathroom cabinets. The latter undoubtedly represent a very current choice that is becoming more and more popular.
The reasons are very simple. First of all, the visual effect obtained from it is of great impact, very captivating and modern. And then, something not to be underestimated at all, they are also extremely practical: they are easily assembled and guarantee a much easier and more complete cleaning of the bathroom, since the floor remains free from clutter.
Furthermore, suspended bathrooms are particularly suitable for a small room, because it makes the room seem larger than it is and even brighter, since the floor remains free.

Not only suspended sanitary ware, but also suspended furniture

When we talk about modern suspended bathrooms, however, we are not referring only to sanitary ware. In fact, even the furniture can be, thus amplifying that effect of lightness, order and elegance determined precisely by the elements not resting on the ground.
Wall hung Bathroom Cabinets can adapt to any need in terms of design, space, etc. The possible combinations are innumerable, and you can choose materials (wood, lacquer, etc.) and colors of any type.
The washbasins to be inserted in these suspended units can be either built-in, i.e. integrated into the cabinet itself, or countertop. If you want you can add other elements such as wall units, columns, shelves, etc., always all rigorously suspended, in such a way as to give the bathroom a truly innovative, modern, refined and undoubtedly design look. All this, without sacrificing practicality, even going to increase the comfort during cleaning.

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  8. Donny bath
  9. Caleb bath
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  11. Everett bath
  12. Eldon bath
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  21. Diadema bath
  22. Hamal bath
  23. Oleandro bath
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