Garden and Patio Chairs

What characteristics do garden chairs have?

The chair represents an important element of the garden as it gives comfort and relaxation. The most popular chairs are those in plastic, more precisely the plastic made of PVC, very economical and resistant, or chairs made of polyurethane resin.
Generally plastic chairs are chosen by those who love functionality and practicality, and they also go well with a table that is always made of plastic so as to pierce an excellent furniture.
The chairs that are made with these materials are able to withstand bad weather because they do not get damaged or ruined and are very practical and easy to clean since they do not require special attention. But let's see what characteristics they possess, and what maintenance will need to be carried out.

Garden chairs that are made of plastic are fireproof, that is, they are not flammable materials, they are also impermeable to water, do not deteriorate with the heat of the sun and are resistant to humidity.
These chairs are quite light and above all easy to handle, in fact they move very easily, there are also types of stackable plastic chairs, that is, once they are put away, they do not take up much space and stack one behind the other.
As previously mentioned, plastic chairs are the most popular because they are perfect for those who own animals or children, who both could damage the chair, dirty it or scratch it, finally they are very resistant to shocks.

What maintenance must be carried out for outdoor chairs?

These chairs do not require special care and maintenance, in fact they can easily stand in the rain without getting damaged or ruined. However, if the chair is colored, it is advisable not to keep it exposed for too long under the sun because it could discolour. If the chairs are dirty or have stains, they can be cleaned with a damp sponge, soap or specific detergents.

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