Modern Bathrooms Cabinets

Choose a functional and modern bathroom

The bathroom must be primarily a functional place, but that doesn't mean it can't also be a design one. Modern style can mean different things, but in general, when we refer to modern design, some of the same concepts and strategies are often found: geometric shapes, neutral or basic colors, little or no decoration and natural materials.

For this reason, in our catalog you will find a wide selection of modern bathrooms complete with sink and mirror, from which to choose the one that best meets your habits and needs.

Our items are all strictly Made in Italy, made with refinement of the materials and with the utmost attention to the smallest details. Quality and design are the watchwords for our collection. Choose from the numerous suspended, free-standing or laundry bathroom cabinets, the one that best suits your wishes and furnishings.

Relax in a modern bathroom

Modern bathroom furniture is clearly distinguished by its strong graphic lines and its moisture-resistant materials. There is, of course, no shortage of spaces to store towels and toiletries hidden behind the elegantly finished fronts. Practical and space-saving, TopArredi offers solutions suitable even for rooms with limited space.

The bathroom is an environment where most people spend a lot of time, so they should be functional and beautiful. Elegant vanity units and modern toilets are available in many shapes and sizes, able to adapt to all spaces.
In addition to the essential services, the room must contain elements capable of making the environment intimate and relaxing. Take a look at ideas for a comfortable and elegant modern bathroom. Our online shop offers daily promotions on the best products available.

  1. Wang bath
  2. Nueve bath
  3. Freddy bath
  4. Alex bath
  5. Baxo bath
  6. Aliseo bath
  7. Alban bath
  8. Mimo bath
  9. Talassa bath
  10. Ipno bath
  11. Nemesi bath
  12. Etere bath
  13. Estia bath
  14. Ermes bath
  15. Efesto bath
  16. Ares bath
  17. Demetra bath
  18. Perseo bath
  19. Fabian bath
  20. Roddy bath
  21. Jaxon bath
  22. Dirck bath
  23. Mabel bath
  24. Abel bath
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