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Bathroom Elements

The bathroom is a place of intimacy and well-being, and it is crucial that each of us feels comfortable in such environment. For this reason in our catalog you will find a wide choice of modern bathrooms, complete with washbasin and mirror, with the possibility to choose the one that suits your needs depending on your habits and taste.

All our products are Made in Italy with the utmost attention for the smallest detail. Quality and design are the key words for our collection. Choose among the many suspended bathroom vanities, floor standing bathroom cabinets or laundry furniture, finding the one that best suits your desires and decor.

Our online store offers a number of promotions on the best available products, making them the highest end models available. Take the opportunity to give that modern restyling to your bathroom that you've promised for a long time, giving a touch of style to your home or office.

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  1. Wang bath

  2. Nueve bath

  3. Freddy bath

  4. Alex bath

  5. Baxo bath

  6. Aliseo bath

  7. Alban bath

  8. Mimo bath

  9. Talassa bath

  10. Ipno bath

  11. Nemesi bath

  12. Etere bath

  13. Estia bath

  14. Ermes bath

  15. Efesto bath

  16. Ares bath

  17. Demetra bath

  18. Perseo bath

  19. Fabian bath

  20. Roddy bath

  21. Jaxon bath

  22. Dirck bath

  23. Mabel bath

  24. Abel bath

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 109

Set Descending Direction