Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Floor standing bathroom cabinets are an ideal solution to improve the environment and define the style of the room. The bathroom cabinets equipped with drawers and containers and are Made in Italy with high quality materials; they are designed with a perfect modern concept to meet all requirements of modern homes.

The bathrooms vanities have two or three doors and are combined with drawers and containers; their surfaces is wooden or lacquered, for class and functionality. Made with quality materials and finishes made in Italy, they are designed with a modern concept designed to meet the needs of contemporary homes.

Suitable for large or small rooms, floor standing bath vanities are characterized with elements whose bases reach the floor, a feature that allows you to cover the sink pipes and more space to store products and objects useful for the care, even helping to keep order in the room.

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  1. Fulk bath
  2. Dudley bath
  3. Barret bath
  4. Rigel bath
  5. Tango bath
  6. Betrix bath
  7. Bullet bath
  8. Squadra bath
  9. Viky bath
  10. Young bath
  11. Movel bath
  12. Ipno bath
  13. Etere bath
  14. Ermes bath
  15. Perseo bath
  16. Fabian bath
  17. Mabel bath
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