Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Choose from the many bathroom proposals all Made in Italy

The bathroom is undoubtedly a special room in the house. In addition to being a space that must guarantee intimacy, we want it to offer well-being and comfort. For this reason, in TopArredi Shop there are various proposals for floor standing bathrooms that include washbasins and mirrors with an interesting aesthetic impact. Each of us has their own habits and personal tastes.

The countertop bathrooms composed of two or three-door storage units, combined with drawers and containers, have simple lines and refined details. Their surfaces that enhance the wood grain or lacquer, help to give vitality to the bathroom and to furnish it with class and functionality. Made with quality materials and made in Italy completions, they are designed with a modern concept perfect to satisfy all the needs of contemporary homes.

A very important aspect is the certainty of coming across raw materials and products all Made in Italy. This reassures the customer, sure to come across adequate raw materials and fine research of detail. Each suggested proposal has two prerogatives: quality and aesthetic research. The bathrooms, whether on the ground or suspended, adapt to every budget.

Is it possible to make a bathroom both functional and elegant?

Suitable to be inserted in large or small rooms, a floor standing bathroom is characterized by being made up of elements whose bases reach the floor, a peculiarity that allows you to cover the sink pipes and guarantee more space to store products and objects. useful for personal care, also helping to keep the room tidy.

Floor Standing Bathroom cabinets reflect the best solution to enhance the environment and give character to a room. Even the bathroom can be a very functional and versatile space. What makes a bathroom practical is the attention to detail; inserting drawers and containers will allow us to have every object close at hand.

The pleasantness of the shades of the wood-effect and lacquered surfaces make every environment come alive. The real element of value consists in the quality of the raw materials, all rigorously produced and finished in our country. Each element is designed to give maximum ease of use. Each proposal is able to adapt in size to narrow or generous environments.

  1. Fulk bath
  2. Dudley bath
  3. Barret bath
  4. Rigel bath
  5. Tango bath
  6. Betrix bath
  7. Bullet bathroom
  8. Squadra bath
  9. Viky bath
  10. Young bath
  11. Movel bath
  12. Ipno bath
  13. Etere bath
  14. Ermes bath
  15. Perseo bath
  16. Fabian bath
  17. Mabel bath