Our services

We offer a customisable service that covers 360° in everything related to the home. With the support of one of our architects it is possible to receive a consultation and realise a project for a house or upgrade a house with a renovation. Our professionalism also extends to interior design, where one of our interior designers is available to design the furnishings of a house, taking into account the needs of the customer by balancing design and comfort.

These services are supported by our physical shop where you can receive advice and see samples of materials, as well as discuss the projects you want to realise. Thanks to our online store you can view, configure and purchase products for your home yourself. A further service we offer is given by our strategic position close to our suppliers that allows us to accompany customers to see the products directly in the showrooms of the manufacturing companies, touching the product with their hands and evaluating the quality of the made in Italy.

Interior design

Interior furnishings design

Our interior designers are available to create furniture projects based on aesthetic and functional needs based on their daily habits.

Our projects

Portfolio of interior design projects

In this portfolio there is a collection of furnishing projects concerning the rooms of the house made by us on commission from our customers.


Visit the furniture showrooms

A preview of the furniture showrooms available where you can accompany you to see the furniture, verify its quality and verify its made in Italy processing.

Design and construction of houses

Design and construction of houses

We provide a team of professionals to deal with to design and build new homes or renovate old homes for a turnkey project complete with furniture.

Our philosophy

TopArredi: The philosophy of furnishing

Our work, our objectives, our values are synonymous with quality and competence that we put in place to offer a service that meets expectations while respecting nature.