Il Tranciato: Catalog and Offers


Il Tranciato, a company founded in 1980 by Luciano Carli, was able to quickly conquer a predominant position in the woodworking market.

The company stands out for the care in the management and training of staff, preferring the hiring of permanent workers who can thus specialize and guarantee a high and constant quality of the product. The company also pays great attention to the constant updating of production machinery and software, as well as to the scrupulous choice of raw materials.

Il Tranciato, as the name suggests, specializes in the production of wood veneers. These are used to coat the low value wood panels, in order to make them look aesthetically better quality.

The production technique is called veneer. It is a woodworking technique rich in history and tradition, whose roots even go back to the Renaissance. The company has been able to inherit this historical tradition by combining it with the most innovative processing techniques, guaranteeing the production of wood veneers with a modern and elegant design.

Furthermore, an aspect that should not be underestimated is that contacting Il Tranciato means paying particular attention to the environment, since the wood used for the veneer comes exclusively from certified forests, natural environments where the felling of trees is subjected to strict controls and in which the renewal of the green is guaranteed.