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Chest of drawers and Sideboards

Chest of drawers and sideboards are the perfect item for the living area. Whether in a living room or in a dining room, these furniture will have the dual function of keeping the room in order and at the same time give it the elegant and modern touch that will make the environment unique.

All modern cabinets and sideboards are equipped with large drawers to store all kinds of items. Their extreme functionality is associated with a simple and elegant design with modern and lively lines. Thanks to the wide choice of colors, shapes, materials and compositions, you will not have any difficulty finding the design or the dress that best suits your style.

All of our modern chest of drawers and sideboards are made of high quality materials and therefore durable. Their unique and modern style will allow you to give a new touch to your living room, creating with just one furniture a functional, personalized and sophisticated space.

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  1. Madison cupboard

  2. Parigi cupboard

  3. Kuri cupboard

  4. Float cupboard

  5. Civis sideboard

  6. Brinton cupboard

  7. Zante cupboard

  8. Shadows cupboard

  9. Stripe cupboard

  10. Reverse cupboard

  11. Line cupboard

  12. Sartor cupboard

  13. Clio sideboard

  14. Alexia sideboard

  15. Cleo cupboard

  16. Alvea sideboard

  17. Athea cupboard

  18. Alena sideboard

  19. Vivit sideboard

  20. Ashin cupboard

  21. Renate cupboard

  22. Olimpia sideboard

  23. Berbo sideboard

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 44

Set Descending Direction