Contemporary Sideboards and Buffets

Contemporary sideboards and buffets for a perfect living room

A sideboard or a chest of drawers in your living room adds charm, character and personality to your room, and they are also indispensable for storing items. Inserting a modern sideboard in the living room, with a simple and refined design, in addition to offering extreme functionality, gives the main room of the house a personalized and refined touch.

If you prefer a living room with a contemporary design, then a modern sideboard and a designer sideboard are indispensable elements. Wall-mounted units are also a good option for maximizing room space.
When choosing sideboards and buffets, modular designs are the most versatile ones because they allow for a segmented arrangement suitable for different types of spaces.

An ergonomic and durable wooden living room furniture will surely make your living space more attractive. Living room furniture made of wood is practical, trendy and beautifully designed.

TopArredi and the quality of Made in Italy

TopArredi offers a wide selection of sideboard to adapt to your living room decor. In our gallery you will find a wide range of sideboards and buffets, available in different styles and sizes suitable for any type of need and any room. Cupboards and sideboards are versatile furniture that can adapt to the most diverse uses. You can also use them in your kitchen, as a place to store extra cutlery and crockery.

Find inspiration for sideboards, cupboards and more on our site!
TopArredi offers a wide selection of items all with particularities to ensure maximum functionality. From our gallery you can take inspiration for the choice of furniture with modern and lively lines. Explore our selection of sideboards and create an inviting and enveloping atmosphere!

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  1. Madia Nazan
  2. Madia Box 18-5
  3. Madia Box 18-4
  4. Madia Box 18-3
  5. Box sideboard 18-2
  6. Sideboard Box 18-1
  7. Madison cupboard
  8. Parigi cupboard
  9. Kuri cupboard
  10. Float cupboard
  11. Civis sideboard
  12. Brinton cupboard
  13. Zante cupboard
  14. Shadows cupboard
  15. Stripe cupboard
  16. Reverse cupboard
  17. Sartor cupboard
  18. Clio sideboard
  19. Alexia sideboard
  20. Cleo cupboard
  21. Alvea sideboard
  22. Athea cupboard
  23. Alena sideboard
  24. Vivit sideboard
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