Roma abstract picture

Framework with an abstract image in relief made on a wooden panel, part of the image continues even in the wooden frame.
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Abstract Roma painting, abstract image reproduced in relief on panel, a single wooden support that also includes the frame. The painting is framed on a black background with very clear images.
The frame is an integrated part of the picture, this actually takes up and continues the image of the central panel but with contrasting colors, the corners are enriched with decorated engravings.

Available sizes:

  • 156 x 86 cm

The painting is made entirely in Italy by order of the customer.

It is possible to customize the picture with different frames or on a glass base, contact our customer service on 0434 1750013

Pannello ligneo scavato

Qua dri furniture of carved wood panel, made of engraved images on wooden support and hand-painted.

The abstract paintings are made entirely in Italy.

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