Modern and Design Lounge Armchairs

A wide choice of armchairs for the sitting room

Armchairs are a particularly appreciated piece of furniture, an element that cannot be missing in the home, especially if it is a sitting area, but also a living room, office or study, all to create the right atmosphere without giving up on treating yourself. The armchairs, being perfect in many living areas, are made in different shapes and sizes in order to satisfy all the most disparate needs.

The armchairs are distinguished between those with simpler and more classic lines, and the more lively and modern ones, which adapt to particular types of furniture. However, both designs know how to contribute to giving something more to the entire environment, personalizing it and making it unique and trendy. Choosing from a wide range of armchairs for the sitting area is really simple, because the models are numerous and each one adapts to its living space in a completely harmonious way, recalling the style and furnishings of the room.

Armchairs in fabric and leather

The armchairs are made with quality materials and with soft padding that easily support the weight of the body, without letting it collapse, indeed giving immediate comfort. Their external covering can be in fabric, leather, or eco-leather. The fabric armchairs are available in various models and decorations, as well as in various shapes, such as with or without armrests, and the fabric upholstery can also be stain-resistant or in microfiber. The same functionality and the same differentiated choice exists for the armchairs covered in leather or eco-leather, with a decidedly more classic style and more squared shapes, but equally elegant.
Among the various models there are also armchairs with massaging system and those with rear or front inclination, to stretch back and legs, fully enjoying a moment of relaxation.

  1. Armchair Naked
  2. Tini armchair
  3. Tatiana armchair
  4. Goen armchair
  5. Flow armchair
  6. Gemma armchair
  7. Selli armchair
  8. Basil armchair
  9. Oddo armchair
  10. Nefda armchair
  11. Lorena armchair
  12. Bangy armchair
  13. Tania armchair
  14. Rina armchair
  15. Dada armchair
  16. Daya armchair
  17. Clarissa armchair
  18. Clara armchair
  19. Lous armchair
  20. Locos armchair
  21. Creig armchair
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