Reclining Sofas and Reclining Armchairs

Reclining couches and reclining armchairs, why choose them?

The right compromise between elegance and hospitality are furnishing accessories such as reclining sofas and armchairs. They are ideal for welcoming guests or for relaxing watching TV or reading a good book.
Choosing the sofas which are Made in Italy, will offer the living area a touch of modernity and design. The study of details and the finesse of Italian design give character and quality to this type of sofa or armchair.

There are many advantages of a relax model, starting from the fact that they are made of high quality materials. Reclining armchairs are made with particular mechanisms which, just as the name of the model suggests, favor relaxation and rest. The furnishing accessories with these specific mechanisms differ in some characteristics, some are simply reclining, others have an accompaniment function when getting up, ideal for elderly people, with walking difficulties or for people with disabilities. In addition, the seat is specially formulated to be deep, so as to prevent the body from sinking into the chair.

Relax sofas, motivates your choice

Relax sofas, like the armchairs of the same model, have a reclining backrest or the possibility of raising the part that supports the legs and feet. Relax sofas have a padded backrest that promotes good posture, which makes them ergonomic for sitting and climbing.
To the advantage of these models we can say that they are customizable: you can choose between different materials, from microfiber to leather, and different colors according to your needs and your style or design.

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  10. Cirillo sofa
  11. Tyll armchair
  12. Skat armchair
  13. Izar armchair
  14. Heze armchair
  15. Enif armchair
  16. Alya armchair
  17. Agena armchair
  18. Achird armchair
  19. Adhara armchair
  20. Mara armchair
  21. Oriana armchair
  22. Nilla armchair
  23. Giulia armchair
  24. Lisa armchair
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