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Reclining Sofas & Armchairs

Reclining sofas are essential elements for the living room: they create an elegant area in which guests can relax at any time of the day. Our reclining armchairs have an exclusive Made in Italy design and they come with a modern concept designed in detail, giving it class and personality.

The sofas and the armchairs are made with high quality materials, they have mechanisms to facilitate rest, as in the case of reclining armchairs. The comfortable and deep seats are equipped with systems to support the body avoiding sinking. The coatings can be tailored by choosing between leather and microfibre, each of them in many finishes.

The benefits in purchasing electric armchairs and reclining sofas can be found in the possibility of being able to stretch the back or lift your feet and create ergonomic positions that facilitate the well-being of the person. The massage chairs and the relaxing couches are also perfect for facilitating the movement of people with disabilities.

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  1. Prisco sofa
  2. Argo sofa
  3. Tronis sofa
  4. Tamigi sofa
  5. Enjoy sofa
  6. Milo sofa
  7. Leonio sofa
  8. Iseo sofa
  9. Cirillo sofa
  10. Poltrona Tyll
  11. Poltrona Skat
  12. Poltrona Izar
  13. Poltrona Heze
  14. Poltrona Enif
  15. Poltrona Beid
  16. Poltrona Alya
  17. Poltrona Agena
  18. Poltrona Achird
  19. Poltrona Adhara
  20. Poltrona Mara
  21. Poltrona Oriana
  22. Poltrona Nilla
  23. Poltrona Giulia
  24. Poltrona Lisa
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 36

Set Descending Direction