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Latest generation sofas

Modern sofas represent the furnishing accessory par excellence to be placed inside a modern living room. Together with chairs, tables, armchairs etc, they constitute an essential element through which you can enrich the aesthetics of the living area, without giving up the irreplaceable pleasure of comfort. Equipped with great versatility and remarkable functional caliber, they allow you to make the sitting room more welcoming inside and more open to guests. Some models have essential characteristics, most of which are related to size and their functional performance.

Through Toparredi, you will be able to consult a myriad of Made in Italy sofas, such as corner, convertible and configurable sofas, ready to capture your attention and that of numerous modern furnishing enthusiasts. There are also numerous combinations that you can call into question to put into practice a furnishing alternative that could prove to be the best consideration in the long term. Each sofa is also made in Italy with high quality raw materials and designed to ensure the full durability and stability of the structure over time.

Among the best sofas for the sitting room, choose your favorite

If you feel the need to modernize the sitting room, enriching its style and respecting an adequate balance between aesthetics and functionality, thanks to you can make your choice in a calm and above all safe way. Among the best sofas for the sitting room currently on the market such as those in fabric, leather, eco-leather, etc. you can buy your favorite, as well as the model most in line with your needs.

You can consult the online catalog and then evaluate the purchase of the product you prefer. A highly qualified staff is happy to accommodate your every request and will support you during the sales phase.

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  1. Divano Clint
  2. Flow Comfort sofa
  3. Flow Glide sofa
  4. Flow Double sofa
  5. Flow Comfort sofa
  6. Flow Best sofa
  7. Flow Double sofa
  8. Flow Mono sofa
  9. Flow Glide sofa
  10. Flow Mono sofa
  11. Flow Comfort sofa
  12. Flow Best sofa
  13. Flow Double sofa
  14. Flow Glide sofa
  15. Flow Mono sofa
  16. Sunrise sofa
  17. Viennetta sofa
  18. Viennetta sofa
  19. Solero sofa
  20. Solero sofa
  21. Magnum sofa
  22. Magnum sofa
  23. Doggy sofa
  24. Doggy sofa
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