Modern, versatile and with a sophisticated design, the sofa represent the essential furnishing complement to create a comfortable environment to share with your friends or just relax. Compact or linear, modern and design sofas can be customized and fit in any style of design.

Modern and design sofas are made of quality materials and with techniques that allow them to maintain the technical and aesthetic features intact over time. Customizable in the model and in the choice of the fabric, the sofas are designed to enhance living rooms and lounges with elegance.

Our design sofas are selected to meet every customer's needs and are offered at competitive prices. A wide selection of sofas to choose from, for the best design and the comfort of home delivery.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Flow Comfort sofa
  2. Flow Glide sofa
  3. Flow Double sofa
  4. Flow Comfort sofa
  5. Flow Best sofa
  6. Flow Double sofa
  7. Flow Mono sofa
  8. Flow Glide sofa
  9. Flow Mono sofa
  10. Flow Comfort sofa
  11. Flow Best sofa
  12. Flow Double sofa
  13. Flow Glide sofa
  14. Flow Mono sofa
  15. Sunrise sofa
  16. Armonia sofa
  17. Viennetta sofa
  18. Viennetta sofa
  19. Solero sofa
  20. Solero sofa
  21. Magnum sofa
  22. Magnum sofa
  23. Doggy sofa
  24. Doggy sofa
Set Descending Direction
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