Rubens bedside table

Bedside table for the bedroom with a drawer made of wood and customizable in two finishes. Minimalist design bedside table with original flat raised handle.
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Rubens design nightstand made of veneered wood, available in two colors. Modern bedside table for the bedroom with a minimalist design with a handle in relief that facilitates the opening of the drawers.

Bedside table size 1 drawer: L. 53 P. 46 H. 39.9 cm

Bedside table in wood with inverted "U" structure with sides that act as load-bearing legs and raise the large drawer from the ground.


made of 19 mm thick brushed veneered agglomerate panels with wood edges.

Drawer front:

made of 19 mm thick brushed veneered agglomerate panels with wood edges and raised handle.

Drawer structure:

made of panels in agglomerated wood with 12 mm thickness and gray fabric effect.

Drawer bottom:

made of medium density fiber board covered with 4 mm thick melamine paper.


concealed adjustable metal guides.

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