Vilnius living room

Suspended living room furniture with a striking design that is expressed in just three meters of space with different depth and the elegant alternation of full and empty spaces. The equipped back that completes the solution allows you to hang the TV by hiding the connection cables.
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Vilnius is a suspended living room with a TV stand featuring a bewitching and fanciful design, concentrated in just three meters in length. Strict luxury for a composition that fits perfectly into the rectangle formed by wall units, by the open elements and the TV back proposed in laminam. The alternation of full and empty spaces given by large and original open-fronted wall units lightens the equipped wall which is harmonious and well-balanced.
Wooden living room furniture customizable in various colors for each element to create solutions able to satisfy every request, adapting to any style of furniture. The absence of the handles reinforces the concept of linearity and finesse, with push-pull opening wall units and drawers with a comfortable grip through a groove in the upper edge.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 300 cm

↗︎ Depth: 35 - 44 cm

↕︎ Height: 177.7 cm


✔ compact and complete living room distributed in just three meters in length
Ante eye-catching design with lots of capacious solids and voids
✔ equipped back to hang the TV by hiding the connection cables
✔ front doors with push-pull opening and drawer fronts with top profile grip

Living room wall composed of:

  • base 2 baskets ↔︎ 180 ↗︎ 44 ↕︎ 41.3 cm
  • nr 2 shaped wall units 1 door ↔︎ 60 ↗︎ 35 ↕︎ 80.2 cm
  • body tetris ↔︎ 40 ↗︎ 32.5 ↕︎ 40.1 cm
  • tetris door ↔︎ 39.7 ↗︎ 2.3 ↕︎ 39.7 cm
  • nr 2 wall units per day ↔︎ 60 ↗︎ 34.8 ↕︎ 120.2 cm
  • equipped back ↔︎ 140 ↗︎ 2.6 ↕︎ 120.3 cm

Technical Features


made of 19 mm thick chipboard panels with 4 mm thick back


  • wooden doors: made with MDF or chipboard panels with a thickness of 14 or 23 mm
  • drawers: made with panels in MDF or chipboard thickness 23 with internal structure composed of sides in agglomerated wood 12 mm thick and bottom in agglomerated wood thickness 8 mm in melamine. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment

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