Marki living room

Equipped wall for the living room with avant-garde design, which is characterized by a dynamic and elegant alternation of empty and full spaces. The composition is emphasized by the dichotomy of the colors that move the surfaces in the best tradition of Made in Italy.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Marki is a wall unit with a suspended modular bookcase with an innovative and modern design, able to rigorously scan the space and give a sense of cleanliness and order to the environment. The composition is articulated on 3.81 meters long and 2.40 meters high, occupied only by three pieces of furniture. The end result is a deconstructed living room wall, formed by bases in opaque ecru lacquer and a modular bookcase suspended from the wall.

It is a solution created on the basis of the most rigorous principles of Made in Italy and which is lightened by the alternation of empty and full data from the combination of open and closed doors inside the suspended bookcase. The Marki wall stands out for combining the luxury and elegance that only minimal simplicity can bestow and the maximum versatility that characterizes modular solutions. The customization is guaranteed by the possibility of combining the various elements of the suspended bookcase so that they fit in a balanced and perfectly harmonious manner within the space. The adaptability of the model to any style of furniture is also guaranteed by the combination of colors.

The fillings of the shoulder system, the backs and the sides are in opaque quartz lacquer, which blends beautifully with the material finish of the doors in concrete-karst tones. The combination underlines the minimal and modern character of the composition, allows the elements to be integrated with one another and emphasizes the clean, linear and clean lines of the living room. The absence of the handles turns out to be functional to this same goal: the smooth surfaces reinforce the concept of fine elegance and the principle less is more. The doors are moved thanks to invisible square-type guides with vertically adjustable sliding carriage and integrated with anti-release catch for greater safety and practicality.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 381 cm

↗︎ Depth: 27.7 - 44 cm

↕︎ Height: 240 cm


✔ complete equipped wall with an attractive and highly customizable design
✔ doors with push pull opening and no handles
Enti full and empty game capacities that enliven the composition


made of 19 mm thick chipboard panels with 4 mm thick back


  • wooden doors: made with MDF or chipboard panels with a thickness of 14 or 23 mm
  • drawers: made with panels in MDF or chipboard thickness 23 with internal structure composed of sides in agglomerated wood 12 mm thick and bottom in agglomerated wood thickness 8 mm in melamine. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment
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