Molly living room

Room divider that extends in height, created with an elegant and at the same time very practical design. The piece of furniture is characterized by a large central space within which it is possible to insert a television even of large dimensions.
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Horizon is a dividing living room furniture that looks like a vast wall with accessories and well designed. The particularity of this piece of furniture is given by an impeccable combination of different elements, lacquered surfaces that alternate with opaque ones, enclosed spaces characterized by vertical doors are flanked by spacious and comfortable horizontal shelves. Even the choice of shades enhances the chiaroscuro play of the furniture, which is very pleasant and well made. The central area is perfect for the insertion of the TV, since it is able to expertly hide the electric cables. The perimeter of the cabinet is linear and homogeneous. The upper part and the respective lower part are formed by rectangular shelves used as a bookcase.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 438 cm

↗︎ Depth: 37.7 - 45 cm

↕︎ Height: 243.6 cm


✔ develops with a regular and compact shape, perfectly adequate to play the role of separation between two environments, its perimeter lines are straight and homogeneous
✔ the design is fascinating and intriguing, its regular curves are masterfully combined with any style of furniture. The alternation of light and dark chrome makes the furniture even more appealing
✔ the central part is made with a back in old gray oak, very spacious, where you can place the TV, hiding the electric cables

Technical Features


made of 19 mm thick chipboard panels with 4 mm thick back


  • wooden doors: made with MDF or chipboard panels with a thickness of 14 or 23 mm
  • drawers: made with panels in MDF or chipboard thickness 23 with internal structure composed of sides in agglomerated wood 12 mm thick and bottom in agglomerated wood thickness 8 mm in melamine. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment

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