Configurable Sofas

NEW! Configure and design online your sofa

Exclusively on TopArredi you can customize your modular, linear or angular sofa according to your preferences, for the comfort of your home or wherever you are! In our online configurator you can make countless sofas compositions in 3D and change them in real time.

Our modern sofas are viewable at 360° so you can see in detail each selected finish with a few simple clicks. The advantages are countless: you can design your own couch by changing the model, sizes, color and finishes directly from your computer or smartphone while having fun.

The design sofas are offered at competitive prices and are selected to meet every need. We have developed this configurator to change the way we think of home decor: simple, convenient and designed specifically for the customer who wants to design their own home.

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  1. Gimmy sofa
  2. Sitra sofa
  3. Redna sofa
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