Chaise Longue Sofas

Sofas with peninsula: classy relax

Furnishing your living room is often a challenge between comfort, modernity and aesthetics, colors and materials...
The right compromise between style and comfort are sofas with a peninsula. They are ideal for welcoming guests or for relaxing watching TV or spending some time with the family.

Choosing between made in Italy models, they will offer the living area a touch of modernity and design. The study of detail and the finesse of Italian design give character and quality to any type of sofa or armchair.
Whether they are four, two or three seater sofas plus the peninsula, this type of sofa is ideal for making the living room a truly comfortable area, with a touch of modern and design.

The chaise longue sofas are characterized by a typical design, which makes them a truly precious piece of furniture in terms of space optimization. They have a very strong personality that is also given to the environment in which they are stored, thanks to the careful finishing. The simple lines make them the center of attention of the furniture and, at the same time, they can adapt to the mood of those who buy them.

Advantages of a chaise longue sofa

Sofas with a chaise longue are nothing short of perfect for resting, they give relief when you are looking for a few moments of peace after household chores.
The angular sofas with a bench are practical since you can easily place trays and glasses, ideal when you have guests and want to enhance your home space.

This type of sofas have a fairly deep seat, ideal for simple relaxation, reading a book or simply watching TV.

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