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Convertible sofa beds: space-saving furniture between strategy and functionality

The convertible sofa beds offer full comfort, style and sobriety and are suitable for use both day and night, given their ability to adapt to a myriad of different contexts. Their main peculiarity is that they can furnish modern living rooms in a strategic and functional way: they fall into the category of furnishing accessories defined as "space-saving".
You can arrange them in the living room as a complete replacement for the traditional sofa, or enrich the style of a second living room or guest bedroom.

When they are closed, their practicality becomes almost imperceptible, since from an aesthetic point of view they are appreciated as if they were classic and fixed sofas. If necessary, they act as a real double bed, ready to accommodate two or more people for night and afternoon rest. By consulting our catalog, you can choose to buy convertible sofa beds of every different size, structure and fabric, enhancing the home environment and making it welcoming.

Versatility, aesthetic impact and elegance

The convertible sofa beds that you can buy through our TopArredi e-commerce stand out for their versatility and for the simple fact of guaranteeing a remarkable aesthetic impact. In addition to their essential qualities, compliance with the criteria linked to comfort is added: with the help of a highly qualified staff you can make a choice that suits your needs, evaluating the purchase of numerous models that find in comfort a considerable strength.

The simple fact of having a sleeper sofa on whose structure a quality mattress is placed is a priority. At TopArredi you will find only and exclusively comfortable and solid sofa beds in the structure: synonymous with durability, resistance and compactness in any condition of use.

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