Zoe table

Fixed design living room table with 4 central corner legs and customisable top in various sizes and wood or ceramic finishes.
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Zoe design table with corner legs, characterised by the central metal structure that gives it a youthful and trendy line. Fixed table with top available in various materials including veneer, material and ceramic in different colours to best suit the decor of the surrounding environment.

The particular geometry of the triangular section legs, which can be painted in various colours, gives the table an original look, ideal as a living room table or for an open space environment.

In addition to the original aesthetic appearance, the legs are arranged in such a way as to allow diners to sit comfortably around the table, especially if they are seated close to the supporting leg.

Measurements modern fixed table with corner legs:

  • ↔︎ 90 ↗︎ 160 ↕︎ 77 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 180 ↕︎ 77 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 77 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 220 ↕︎ 77 cm



✔ Modern, innovative design
✔ Folded legs made of lacquered metal
✔ Fixed top, customisable in size
✔ Multiple veneer, ceramic and material finishes available


made of 3 cm thick material, 4 cm thick veneer or 1.4 cm thick ceramic.


made of metal and painted with epoxy powders.

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