Sante bed

Modern bed with quilted headboard and rectangular decorations given by seams. Elegant single bed, a square and a half or a double, customizable in the selection of the jamb and the lining.
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Bed with quilted headboard and seams that draw rectangles embellishing the modern style. The bold form is quite traditional, but it gives a pronounced attention to details such as the two-part headboard that highlights the accurate craftsmanship made in Italy. Padded bed complete with metal mesh with wooden slats and with 15 cm thick soft headboard with embossed perimeter seams delimiting the squared lines.

Padded modern bed models:

  • Single L. 93 H. 106 cm
  • Single wide L. 103 H. 106 cm
  • 1 square and a half L. 146 H. 106 cm
  • French L. 166 H. 106 cm
  • Double L. 186 H. 106 cm
  • King size L. 186 H. 106 cm

Mattress not included.

Fully removable folding bed can be customized in various fabric or leather coverings and in the choice of jumper that is available in various models with or without a container.

Freestanding Network: Giroletti sfoderabili con coprirete

The net slats are made of hot-rolled multilayer beech wood, to maintain the natural flexibility of the wood. They engage the metal structure through special plastic joints. The self-supporting network, with respect to the supporting net, has greater stability and solidity to "jump".

Loop unscrewing:

A characteristic of the beds is represented by the complete removability. This favors the appropriate rules on the product sheet. The loop fabric attached to the fabric that acts as a cover is of great comfort, so that dust does not penetrate the floor to the mattress. The cover will not be included in the conveyor or jumper versions: E, P, RL, Q, G.

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