Mirolav sideboard

Simple and elegant sideboard with upper drawers and lower flap doors for storing items and dishes. Wooden sideboard available on the floor or suspended with a push pull mechanism for opening the fronts.
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Mirolav modern sideboard composed of upper drawers and lower flap doors with push pull opening . Wooden sideboard ideal for the living area or even the kitchen, available in various current finishes.

Wooden cupboard measures: L. 150 P. 56.3 H. 65.5 cm

The sideboard can be placed on the ground (with feet or base) or hung on the wall (complete with hangers for fixing to the wall).

The positioning on the ground provides three types of support:

  • on feet in black plastic material H. 1.5 cm (total height in cupboard H. 67 cm)
  • on a black metal base with methacrylate feet H. 8 cm (total height of height 73.5 cm)
  • on base in black metal with methacrylate feet H. 12 cm (total height in height H. 77.5 cm)

Technical Features


made with class E1 particle board panels with low formaldehyde content 35 mm thick.


made with class E1 particle board panels with low formaldehyde content 35 mm thick.


they include BLUMOTION high sliding guides with end-of-stroke block and cushioned retraction mechanism as standard. 3 sides sides covered in 14 mm thick PVC and bottom in 8 mm thick melamine with synthetic covering in jute textured finish.

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San Giacomo


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