Achille Laundry Cabinet

Wooden laundry room cabinet with shutter door available in various sizes and colors. Modern container also ideal as a shoe rack, coat rack or storage compartment.
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Achille laundry cabinet with comfortable shutter door that allows it to be positioned even in small spaces. Wooden container customizable in the sizes and colors of the structure and shutter door . Internally, on the other hand, the cabinet is presented in a single white color, with a back finish of the same shade.

Mobile objects holder:

  • L. 45 H. 84/133 P. 37/47/62 cm
  • L. 60 H. 84/133 P. 37/47/62 cm
  • L. 75 H. 84/133 P. 37/47/62 cm
  • L. 90 H. 84/133 P. 37/47/62 cm

Internally rolling shutter cabinet , which allows to hold large objects such as brooms and vacuum cleaners. Alternatively, it is possible to equip the cabinet by inserting shelves, drawers, clothes hanging tubes or shoe racks.

All interior accessories are in white, except for the drawer front, which is made of birch in a natural finish. The clothes hanger tube and the shelf with the removable coat hanger are only available in depth P. 62 cm. While the metal shoe rack is available in depths P. 37 and P. 47 cm.

Cabinet with shutter door that thanks to the internal configuration chosen can be positioned at various points in the house.


  • sliding of the shutter on wheels with rubber gaskets that make the movement silent.
  • opening and closing controlled by a travel retarder with steel springs.
  • shutter of the shutter reinforced with soft extrusion.
  • adjustable feet from the inside (H. 3 cm).
  • reinforced back 10 mm thick.
  • film-coated shutter.
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