Ismael living room

Contemporary living room that stands out thanks to the different depths of the elements and the base with transparent feet.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Living room wall in veneered and lacquered Ismael, a modern and refined composition that includes a TV stand with containers and open compartments, and a suspended wall made up of wall units and open elements, the all characterized by a game of different depths that are interpreted, with a harmonious and dynamic aesthetic at the same time.

Convenient storage compartments can be used in the lower base. A small open compartment between the two containers creates movement in the cabinet and is a comfortable support for things to keep within reach. At first glance, the base seems to remain suspended in the air.

In the upper part the living room is completed by the wall units positioned at various heights with alternation and an open element, making the equipped wall dynamic but at the same time harmonious and balanced.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 360 cm

↗︎ Depth: 35.4 / 54.6 cm

↕︎ Height: 190 cm

Design living room wall system composed of:

  • Self-supporting base with transparent feet ↔︎ 300 ↗︎ 54.6 ↕︎ 24 cm
  • Base 1 flap door ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 45 ↕︎ 24 cm
  • Base 1 flap door ↔︎ 60 ↗︎ 45 ↕︎ 24 cm
  • Open wall unit ↔︎ 120 ↗︎ 44.9 ↕︎ 32 cm
  • nr 2 Wall unit with 1 flap door ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 35.4 ↕︎ 32 cm
  • Wall unit 1 vasistas door ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 35.4 ↕︎ 32 cm

Advantages :

✔ No handles, push-pull opening to make the living room more linear
✔ Elegance and simplicity for a unique design
✔ Roomy storage compartments
✔ Convenient TV stand

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