Angular Sofas

Aesthetic looks, comfortable seating and a wide range of personalization options, angular sofas are the ideal solution to furnish the lounge and make it cozy and classy.

Angular sofas are one of the furniture to focus if you want to create an elegant and harmonious environment, where you can spend some relaxing moments or watch tv. Combined with a rug and a coffee table, they give personality to the living area. The angular sofas can be with two or more seats and can be equipped with a chaise longue and reclining backrests; with their design they can be positioned at the center of the living room or even near the wall.

Versatile and customizable in the choice of combinations and finishes, angular sofas have the great advantage that they can be placed in any large or small space and they can also be used for afternoon breaks.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Flow Comfort sofa
  2. Flow Glide sofa
  3. Flow Double sofa
  4. Flow Mono sofa
  5. Retof sofa
  6. Nolad sofa
  7. Namob sofa
  8. Edas XL sofa
  9. Bolb sofa
  10. Edas sofa
  11. Tash sofa
  12. Sunrise sofa
  13. Armonia sofa
  14. Viennetta sofa
  15. Solero sofa
  16. Magnum sofa
  17. Doggy sofa
  18. Fancy sofa
  19. Droll sofa
  20. Pluffy sofa
  21. Dumon sofa
  22. Tomos sofa
  23. Hugo sofa
  24. Dillan sofa
Set Descending Direction
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