Hamburg mattress

High mattress with independent springs, soft bearing with 7 differentiated zones. An upper plate in foamed water and a lower one enclose the springing composed of 6000 independent springs.
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The Hamburg independent spring mattress is designed for those who demand maximum comfort and well-being. In fact, each spring responds independently to the stresses exerted by the body, ensuring differentiated support.

The mattress is formed by a water-foamed base where above is the first spring system formed by 3,000 independent springs pocketed in 7 zones of differentiated load-bearing capacity. An interposed foamed-in water antinoise separates a micro-support from 2,000 independent pocket springs with a soft bearing from an additional micro springing of 1000 independent springs pocketed with a supersoftsoft bearing capacity. The upper part is given by a slab in foamed water with high intensity and very high breathability, embossed, cozy and insulating for maximum comfort.

The cover is available in different variants and is completely removable on the four sides with top and bottom zip. In this way the cover is divided into three pieces to make cleaning easier.

High mattress measures with independent springs:

  • Single L. 80 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Single L. 85 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Single L. 90 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • 1 and a half square L. 120 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • French L. 140 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Double room L. 160 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 165 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 170 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 180 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm

Technical description hamburg mattress

Mattress with internal structure approx. 28 cm.

1) 1.5 cm thick water-foamed support layer

2) 2.5 cm thick, high density water foamed slab

3) 2000 super soft pocketed springs

4) Interposed foamed with noise-reducing water

5) 1000 soft bagged springs

6) 3000 pocket springs with 7 differentiated zones

7) Support felt

8) Water-based foamed base 3 cm thick

9) Breathable perimeter boxing

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