Raw table

Modern table with top in material or ceramic and with special oak wood legs tapered and inclined towards the outside.
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Raw table with sloping oak legs, Nordic design, to be placed in a large and bright living room. Modern table with elegant, slightly inclined wooden veneer legs with an original shape, giving it a distinctive style.

Fixed or extendable table with top available in material or ceramic in various shades and sizes. In the extendable version, it is possible to insert up to two extensions of 50 cm each, matching the top, to be stored separately.

The square line of the legs, combined with the ceramic top with 45° faceted edges, make this table a contemporary model. The Scandinavian style allows the table to be placed also in a modern or shabby chic open space.

Nordic design fixed or extendable table measurements:

  • ↔︎ 90 ↗︎ 160 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 180 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 90 ↗︎ 160 (210-260) ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 180 (230-280) ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 200 (250-300) ↕︎ 76 cm



✔ Scandinavian style with modern design
✔ Characteristic, slightly inclined oak legs
✔ Fixed or extendable top available in various sizes
✔ Wide range of finishes including textured and ceramic


made of wood veneered with oak.

Top and extensions:

made of 3 cm thick material or 4 cm thick eco-malta, veneer or ceramic.

Extension mechanism:

Allungamento tavolo

two brackets on each side are placed under the table top and, if necessary, come out with a sliding movement. The extensions are placed and hooked on top of the guides but, when they are not needed, they are removed to be stored in a space of your choice, while the brackets retract. In a few simple steps, the table increases in size and style.

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