Small 2D project

2D furniture design, showing the dimensions and dimensions of the furniture for a preview of the layout of the spaces.
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The 2D furniture design service is very useful for getting precise ideas right from the start of how to organize your home or apartment. This allows you to adequately prepare and modify the traces for the electrical and plumbing system, based on the arrangement of the furniture. Based on the requests, a professional will create a plan with a top view where the overall dimensions of the furniture are drawn, observing the layout of the environment with the description of the dimensions.

An interior design is available for any advice and will also indicate the technical aspects to be respected in order to provide all the necessary information for a comfortable environment. This service is available both for specific rooms and for a complete home.

Phases of 2D design:

  • Contact (telephone, email, video call) to acquire the information necessary for the design
  • Elaboration of the project and sending of the plan with quotas
  • New contact for considerations and changes
  • Possible reworking of the project and resending the plan with quotas

2 total variants are included in the price of the project. Should a further project be desired, it should be considered as a new assignment.

Approximate project delivery time: 3 working days.

Advantages :

✔ Preview of the spaces and dimensions of the furniture
✔ Adaptation / modification of traces according to the desired furniture
✔ Assistance of a professional for advice and suggestions
✔ Freedom of choice of furniture according quotas defined


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